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Taro is the Provincial Headquarter of Choiseul Province in Solomon Islands and it is on the island of Taro.  The island is on the most northern tip of the island of Choiseul. The station has the various government departments, including a hospital; Taro Hospital.  The Taro Hospital is the main Provincial Hospital of Choiseul Province. Taro island is about 2 kilometres across and may be about 4 - 5 kilometres long.  There is an airstrip that provides air services to the island.  The island has dial-up internet service that works 24 hours a day.  In addition there are pre-paid and post-paid mobile phone services that can access the outside world. 

Overseas visitors can use the Solomon Islands SIM card on their unlocked mobiles to access the mobile phone network in the country.  There are two  mobile phone companies that operate in the country so it worths to inquire in Honiara ( the capital of Solomon Islands) before going to Taro.

Choiseul Bay station is less than 10 minutes away on the mainland of Choiseul Island. The new provincial head quarter of Choiseul Province will eventually re-locate to the mainland at Choiseul Bay.

Click here to see more information about Taro Headquarter and click here for more information about Taro Hospital.



The first Taro Seventh-Day Adventist(SDA) Company Church is near the Taro Hospital.  The church was originally built by the SDA local churches of Koa, Kinoso, Katurasele, Tuno'e and Ghazakeo villages in 2002.  Villagers brought most of the building materials with them to Taro but some materials where taken from Solovai village and from the nearby Zupizae island. It took the villagers three(3) days to build the church.

Click here to see the photos of the old Taro Seventh-day Adventist Company Church building.

Click here to see the history of the Taro Seventh-day Adventist church building.

Taro Seventh-day Adventist Company Church





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