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Our projects base on the principles of  Action Learning (AR) approach to work with individuals in local communities in all the phases of local projects; creation, planning, implementation and commissioning.

The specific projects strategies are:

Empowering & Capacity building

# To work with local communities on projects that may encourage capacity building and empowerment in local settings.


# To provide Christ-centred resources to equip individuals and communities.


This website is a result of our desire to help people in need locally, regionally and globally. Our parents helped us to form the desire to help those in need. Our upbringings result in the formation of this virtual organisation: Lauru Supporting Ministry.

Lauru Supporting Ministry is a non-profit virtual organisation formed on November 24, 2008. We design, register and manage this website for our virtual organisation. The organisation has been a family ministry since its creation.  It is a faith-based ministry

The main purpose of the organisation is to help communities in need - irrespective of religion, organisation, ethnicity, et cetera in Lauru Island, in Solomon Islands.  South Lauru Island in Solomon Islands is our local setting, before we engage with other communities of the world.  It is our desire to form partnerships with local communities, to help locals help themselves. We discourage projects that tend to work on local communities and often suppress locals. Instead, we encourage projects that work with local communities in all the phases of projects to build capacities, empower and liberate local communities.

Our Vision


Mission Statement

Island of Origin

To see the character of Jesus Christ develop in the lives of the people of Lauru(Choiseul) Island, Solomon Islands and in the world.

Our island has been traditionally called Lauru. However, through the course of history our island had Spanish, French, and English colonial influences.  The Spanish initially gave our island the name San Marcos.  However the French later gave the name Choiseul. Therefore, our island is now called called Lauru or Choiseul.

Click here to see our island on the interactive google map.



>>> Justice & Mercy.

Overarching Values

Project Approach & Strategies

To work with individuals and local communities to develop existing local skills and knowledge for liberation, self-reliance and self-determination. As locals develop they may help others in need - Law of restitution.