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Sunday, 18 August 2013


Lauru Supporting Ministry(LSM) is looking for a Volunteer Builder to go to Katurasele village and collect data that will help to prepare a project plan to complete the new Katurasele church building project. The Volunteer Builder may be in Katurasele village for 2 - 3 days.  For more information about Katurasele Seventh-day Adventist Church projects, click here ...

Any Expression of Interest can contact us for more information.

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Friday, 15 March 2013




Northwest Choisuel is on the western end of choisuel and hadrly has an Adventist presence.  This is a large and  very populated area in Choiseul.


Dr Waxson Qoqonokana expresses interest to organise an Adventist Medical Team of laypeople in the country(Solomon Islands) to partner with the church team in Choiseul for a mission trip in Northwest Choisuel.  Robertson Galo also expressed interest to support laypeople involvement in mission in Northwest Chouseul.  Lauru Supporting Ministry will provide a Digital camera that Minister Galo can use to get pictures and stories of mission trips in the field.  This is important because  Minister Galo uses a digital camera of Katurasele church projects for mission reports.


Dr Douglas Pikacha and others have supplied clothes and literatures for church mission in Northwest Choiseul as well.  Therefore, more people who may have helped as well.  We will get more news, including photos of mission news.


Would you be interested in partnership in Mission in Northwest Choisuel?.  Would you like to be part of a team of Adventist Medical Team & other lay Volunteers for Northwest Choiseul?.  This is self-funded trip by volunteers who wish to self-support themself for a mission trip.  Those who are interested to involve in a mission trip by medical & other lay people volunteers to Olivetti Village and  other new mission areas in Northwest Chiousel can ask for more information on these contact details;



    "Waxson Rizwold" ,


Have a blessed Sabbath


Friday, 15 March 2013



Minister Galo is at Ghoghobe now Friday 15, March 2013. Choiseul Region is excited about Galo's mission report regarding church work at Olivetti Village after he presented it in  the ministers' meeting for the Choiseul Regional District. He showed them pictures of Olivette village during his presentation.

 The Regional Director of Choiseul  was excited and expressed  that Minister Galo is the right minister to be posted in that part of Choiseul; in particular to open new areas.

Galo, Burukuni Church and the Regional Director of Choiseul fully support the involvement of medical team from Honiara to visit Olivette.  The idea for an Adventist Medical Team to partner in mission in Northwest Choiseul was a suggestion of Dr Waxson Qoqonokana. This is a very good suggestion for medical ministry by laypeople to partner with our church workers with the Minsitry of the Word.

Choiseul regional plans to send first group to Olivetti Village in May, 2013. This group will go with two chainsaws. The main aim of this first group is to cut timbers for the clinic and a staff house. After the timbers are seasoned a second group will go put up the buildings in October 2013.

Detail of the programme will be sent shortly.

Galo will send  the pictures of his missionary journey to Ghoghobe next week.

Saturday, 19 January 2013


The team members of Lauru Supporting Ministry visited Katurasele Seventh-day Adventist church on the last weekend of December in 2012.  Following the visit, the team members requested to check the Communion Service supplies of the local church.  It has been of interests of the ministry to look for other needs of the local church.

The findings were of great surprise.  Almost all the linens were torn because they were very old under normal wear & tear processes.  The remaining linens were even very old.  The Glasses for wine were not enough for the growing population.  In addition other accessory supplies for the Communion Service items were very old and need replacement.  The team even saw the two(2) church tables that were used for worship.  One of the tables was very old and showed signs decay.  Parts of the table were peeled off by the process of decay and the normal process of wear and tear.

As a result of this visit, the team of Lauru Supporting Ministry resolved to get new sets of Communion Service supplies for Katurasele Seventh-day Adventist church.  By Friday, 18 January 2013, Lauru Supporting Ministry already bought one hundred(100) new glasses to serve conmminion wine to the congregation.  The Ministry is working on other supplies for the Communion Service supplies.  There is also a need to replace at least one of the tables in the church.

Friday, 01 March 2013


Minister Galo (who is based at Burukuni village) talked from Kovasi Radio at Olivette village on Monday, 25 February 2013 at 5.00pm to give this mission news. Olivette village is situated in the interior (middle) of Choiseul. It took Minister Galo and his team many hours of walk to get there. He had to climb rugged mountains, balancing across very steep roads and across rivers in order to bring the picture of SDA Church to that land-locked village.

On their arrival, Minister Galo and his team were welcomed by the village chief, the church pastor of the united church and the church members. After the welcome ceremony, the village chief and the pastor took the minister to the proposed site to build SDA clinic. According to the minister, the site was already been demarcated and cleared.

Late in the afternoon, they had a meeting. In the meeting, Galo had the opportunity to present to the village chief a machine that has e-copy of the bible plus some clothes. The machine and clothes were donated by Pastor Lawrence Tanabose.

" Olivette is opened for SDA church. The chief and the united church pastor want to see more presence of SDA in that high-land village", Galo recalled.

Galo is appealing to church members and individuals to support the mission work in the part of Choiseul.


Friday, 24 May 2013


Lauru Supporting ministry(LSM) donated the following supplies to Minister Galo based at Burukuni SDA village to use for mission work for Seventh-day Adventist Church in North west Lauru (Choiseul):

All these items are donated to be personal properties of Minister Galo.  The  Lauru Supporting minister encourages Minister Galo to use the items whole he works for the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Furthermore, LSM is collaborating with Minister Galo (and SDA church in Lauru) to identify project(s) that LSM can support in Lauru.  It is our desire that the initiative will foster partnership of laypeople in mission.


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