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Saturday, 07 June 2014.


Layperson Lindsay Galo Sisiolo at Burukuni village request Lauru Supporting Ministry to get new bibles to help him in his mission work. Lindsay shared his desire with his Supervisor at Ngazakeo village, Minister Pr Barry Hivae.  Pr Barry Hivae agreed encouraged Lindsay to get the bibles through Lauru Supporting Ministry.  As a result we activated the Bible Project - Top End Lauru on Monday, 21 April 2014. The aim of the Bible Project - Top End Lauru is to get 1,000 new Bibles for distribution in the varese district, north-east & north-west, of Lauru Island.   We have consulted senior Seventh-day Adventist Pastor David Tasker (Ministerial & Field Secretary) at the South Pacific Division of SDA, and Pastor Lawrence Tanabose (retired Pastor) for their advice on the modern translation that may be easy to read and best suit Adventist teachings.  Both Pastors recommended the New King James Version (NKJV).


The Layperson Lindsay Galo Sisiolo signed a letter and emailed to Solomon Islands Mission (SIM) of Seventh-day Adventist Church (General Secretary) to get approval of SIM on the request.  The letter was copied to Lauru Supporting Ministry.  It was a great news to get SIM's approval/authorisation of the request for bibles for Lauru mission work.  SIM will not provide financial assistance on the project.  SIM only provided administrative approval on the project because the bible project has been requested by Layperson that are under the management of SIM.  Consequently, The next stage in the bible project is the preparation of plans to get the bibless.  We are now looking for sponsors who are interested to be part of the bible project.

If you want to either involve or know more about the Bible Project - Top End Lauru, contact us for more information.


Sunday, 25 May 2014


Lauru Supporting Ministry believe that there have been many Laypeople who provide a lot of resources for frontline Adventist mission works in Choisuel Province.  It has been a great blessing to work with other Laypeople in supporting GOD's work.

The group of Dr Douglas Pikacha and George Satu in Honiara, which includes five families, has provided a lot of help for Choisuel mission work.  We understand this group has donated monies to the Solomon Islands Mission of Seventh-day Adventist church (SIM) in Honiara to pay for salaries of Laymen in Solomon Islands for some years now.  For sometimes this group has donated about SBD$100,000.00 to  SIM every year, for few years now, to fund salary of Laymen in Solomon Islands. This group took over the funding of the salary of Laymen in Solomon Islads after the previous funders in Australia stopped their sponsership of the Laymen's salary in Solomon Islands.

As a result the current funding arrangement by Dr Douglas Pikacha and George Satu's group in Honiara is for the salary of all the Adventist Laymen in Solomon Islands.  This arrangement includes salaries for all the Laymen in Choisuel.  We give glory to GOD for the blessings through the group of Dr Douglas Pikacha and George Satu in Honiara.  GOD has His people everywhere who can help in His work of saving people for His Kingdom.

In addtion, the group of Dr Douglas Pikacha and George Satu in Honiara provided secondhand clothes and literature for the new mission field at Oliveti village in North-west Choisuel.  Such effort has helped the Adventist message to move forward in Oliveti village and around the Varese district in North-east and North-west Choiseul.  According to Layman Lindsay Galo Sisiolo these donations where also shared with other Layman and Ministers around Lauru.  Other Laymen and Ministers in Lauru asked to have some of the donations to use in their mission fields too.  Our Adventist workers in Lauru tend to share mission resources that may be enough for other mission fields in Lauru too.  That is a great practice - sharing resources in doing GOD's work.

It is possible that there may be more Solomon Islands Laypeople who may help the Adventist misssion works in Choisuel.  It is possible that we do not know of these other Laypeople and the assistances that they may provide.  It will be a real blessing to share news about how GOD works with Laypeople to help the Adventist mission move forward in Lauru Island.  The works of Laypeople should remind us about the great works of Self-Supporting Ministry in the life of Aposle Paul as he supports himself to get the gospel to the Gentile world.  Apostle Paul supported himself with his work in tent making as he took the gospel to the Gentile world. Apostle Paul was not employed by the church.  The Spirit of Prophecy highlights the great importance and blessings of self-supporting ministries in doing GOD's work.  We need more people who follow the example of Apostle Paul in self-supporting ministries.  People who support themselves while doing GOD's work.

Let us continue to give glory to GOD for using other Laypeople in Solomon Islands who are helping to move GOD's work forward in Lauru Island.  Let us continue to work while we still have doors open for GOD's message.


Sunday, 25 May 2014


There were some new audio-visual items that were donated last month that may help in the Adventist mission works in Lauru Island.  John Sibolo  Sisiolo donated new audio-visual supplies to Layman Lindsay Galo Sisiolo, the Adventist Layman at Burukuni village. Linday Galo Sisiolo is an Adventist Layman who is posted at Burukuni village in North-east Choisuel.  The supplies were donated to Layman Lindsay Galo Sisiolo as his private properties.

However, the supplies were intended to help Layman Lindsay on his Adventist mission works whereever the Layman works in Lauru Island.  Supplies that John Sibolo Sisiolo donated included a new Epson data projector, a new  Toshiba laptop, new power surge protector power board, Norton anti-virus software for the laptop, new laptop carry bag, new Windows 8.1 operating system, Microsoft home premier software, Logitech computer speaker system,  and white clothe to use as screen for the data projector.  The audio-visual supplies will be used mainly for Adventist mission work.

In addition, Lauru Supporting Ministry donated some accessory supplies like power surge protector, EGW books database,  30 metre electric cable, video songs on flashdrives, 3 X 8GB flashdrives, plus other accessories. These supplies were also donated as private properties of Layman Lindsay Galo Sisiolo in order to help him in his Adventist mission works.  Lauru Supporting Ministry arranged for the delivery of all the supplies from Australia to Taro, Choisuel Province.  We thank GOD for the blessings that made it possible to get the supplies.  Glory to GOD.

The assistances on the audio-visual supplies have been part of a strategy to help Adventist mission works in North-east and North-west Choiseul.  There has been very minimal presence of Adventist villages on these two areas - Varese district.  Most of the Adventist villages are in North and South Choisuel but there has been minimal presence on North-east and North-west Choiseul for years - these areas are called Varese area.  It is our aim now to help the frontline Layman the Varese area in North-east and North-west Choiusel to get the Adventist mission work move forward with greator force.  We need GOD to help us on this mission.


Sunday, 25 May 2014


Seventh-day Adventist Church is creating presence at the Oloveti Village in North-west Choisuel. About three weeks ago the villagers form Ngazakeo, Ngarione, Posarae and Ghoghobe went to Oloveti village and built the new clinic for Oliveti village. Minister Barry Hivae who is based at Ngazakeo village has played the key role in supporting the Adventist works at Oliveti village.  Oloveti village is about a working distance of  five hours through bush tracks from Voza village.  Voza village at the coast is the nearest access point to Oliveti village.

The next plan is to build the nurse's house.  Layman Linday left for south Choisuel last week Tesday, 20 May 2014.  Lindsay currently spends weekend somewhere in South Choisuel.  He will return to Taro and back to Burukuni this week. 

The next volunters form South Choiseul will build the new staff house for the nurse at Oliveti village.  It seems that the villagers who will go for the next volunteer trip to Oliveti village may come from Kinoso and Katurasele villages.  However, we will confirm the plan after Layman Lindsay returns from South Choisuel.


The 100 years anniversary of the first arrival of Seventh-day Adventist church in Lauru Island will be in 2022.  Lauru people have been blessed abundantly with God's grace since the arrival of Adventist message in the Island.  For this reason, as the 100 year Jubilee of Adventist message in Lauru Island is approaching it is time now for us Lauru people to start discussions about 100 Year Celebration of God's grace, glory and power in Lauru Island.  Let us now share our views with each other, our family, our relatives, and our church Leaders how to celebrate 100 year Jubilee of Adventist message in Lauru Island.


100 Years Jubilee in Lauru Island - 2022