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Sunday, 09 August 2915


We are still busy in getting money for the 1,000 Bible project.  It seems will continue looking for money for several months yet. On another developement we are unble to get the architectural plans for the Oliveti clinic project from Pr Molia. As a result we are unable to proceed with our plan to help Lauru SDA mission in completing the Oliveti clinic project. We will wait for more information.




The 100 years anniversary of the first arrival of Seventh-day Adventist church in Lauru Island will be in 2022.  Lauru people have been blessed abundantly with God's grace since the arrival of Adventist message in the Island.  For this reason, as the 100 year Jubilee of Adventist message in Lauru Island is approaching it is time now for us Lauru people to start discussions about 100 Year Celebration of God's grace, glory and power in Lauru Island.  Let us now share our views with each other, our family, our relatives, and our church Leaders how to celebrate 100 year Jubilee of Adventist message in Lauru Island.


100 Years Jubilee in Lauru Island - 2022

Saturday, 19 July 2014


The missions news from Varese district in Lauru (Choiseul) Island is moving at a faster speed.  In our experience a major contributing factor has been the availability of mobile phone towers in Lauru Island.  For example, the installation of Telekom phone Tower at Ogho village early this year (2014) makes it easy for Lauru Supporting Ministry (LSM) to get mission news from Burukuni village anytime. As a result it is possible to get mission news from Lauru Island and upload on our website within few minutes.  As a result the mission news from Lauru Island has potential to be processed and deliver to the world within few minutes.   This ensures that the mission field in Varese district keeps in-touch with the world wide Seventh-day Adventist mission works. It also reflects the desire of LSM to be a partner with the Laymen in Varese district, and other individuals in supporting the mission of Seventh-day Adventist Church in Lauru Island.

Furthermore, we expect more improvement in the delivery of mission news from Varese district in Lauru Island.  This may be through improvement of computer training at the village level.  On Friday, 18 July 2014 Lauru Supporting Ministry had approved then provided fund for a one month computer training for the Layman news team at Burukuni village in Lauru Island.  A villager from Burukuni village is currently attending a one month computer training program at Taro Headquarter in Choiseul Province.  The candidate from Burukuni village will be a Team Leader for the Adventist mission news for Lauru Supporting Ministry at Burukuni village. The training program is a partnership program with the Adventist Layman mission in Varese district and other individuals in supporting the Adventist mission work in Lauru Island, Solomon Islands.

The Solomon Islands National University is currently organising the computer training program.  So far the candidate from Burukuni village has completed a week of training and there will be three more weeks to go. This computer training is part of the ways to improve collection, processing and delivery of mission news from Varese district in Lauru Island. The training candidate from Burukuni village uses the new Laptop plus other laptop accessories that were supplied by Lenga Sisiolo during the training program. Lauru Supporting Ministry teams will continue to provide money to maintain the trainings  and operational costs for the Mission News Center at Burukuni village.  The Mission News Team Leader at Burukuni village will also be responsible in managing the new data projector plus other acessory supplies that are part of the resources that LSM organises to support the Laymen mission work in Varese district. It is our desire to do more with GOD's blessings to partner with the Laymen in Varese district and  other individuals in supporting the Adventist mission in Lauru Island.


Thursday, 09 October 2014


Upper Choiseul District of Seventh-day Adventist Church will have a district meeting at Katurasele village for about a week.  The meeting will start on Monday, 13 October 2014 a district meeting at Katurasele village after many years. We believe the nearby adventist villages will be blessed to participate in the meeting.


Friday, 17 April 2015


United Church Synod in Choiseul Province and the Chief of Oliveti clinic gave permission for the SDA church to build a clinic at Oliveti village. Consequently, Choiseul (Lauru) SDA mission and Solomon Islands Mission of SDA (SIM) intended to build a clinic before transferring the facility to the Choiseul Provincial Health Services. SIM assisted in buying some roofing irons, while local Lauru SDA churches provide labour and chainsaws, et cetara to mill timbers.

However, we now learn that the money that SIM allocated for the project is no longer available. As a result we now give first invitation to Lauru laypeople and appeal for help to complete the Oliveti Clinic project.


Friday, 13 March 2015

Reporter: Pr Isaac Molia, Ghoghobe, Lauru Island.


These are the current reports on the Oliveti Clinic Project. On April 2014 I took 11 young people to Oliveti village to complete the Iron Roofing of the 34x34 ft clinic. It took us 2 days to complete the roofing on the clinic building, because it rained heavily and the river flooded. We took a truck up to the road-head (as far as a truck could go) and walked for the remaining 2 -3 hours to get to the mountain top of Oliveti village.  On our return trip to the coast we had to walk for 5 hours to Voza village on the coast.

The local people of Oliveti village folded the roofing irons and carried them on their shoulders all the way from the coast to the Oliveti village. It took the locals a whole month to get all the roofing irons from the coast to Oliveti village. On october 2014 Lindsay Sisiolo took a team of 3 volunteer chainsaw operators and went to Oliveti clinic to mill all the  timbers for the wallings and flooring of the clinic building plus timbers for the nurses staff house.

On 23 April to 03 May 2015 we will return to the village to complete the flooring and walling  of the clinic building. We also expect to start building the Nurse's house. We expect to get a large group of volunteers from few villages of Lauru Island on this trip, because we plan to complete the work within one week.

We put our trust on the Lord to provide the fuel & materials for the final work on the Clinic. We believe God will use various people to help us to complete the project. I believe God is real and I have proved His providences many many times HE WILL NEVER FAIL US !.