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Posarae Youth Paddlers



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Saturday, 08 February 2014


May 29, 2014 will mark the 100 years of Adventist church mission in Solomon Islands. Kukudu Seventh-day Adventist church meeting today Saturday, 08 February 2014, provides an opportunity for the Lauru people to reflect on the histories of Adventist mission and testify on God's grace and power in the island of Choisuel.  Cyril Vavozo reflect on the first arrival of adventist mission at Choiseul on Ghoghobe and how it spread to other parts of Choiseul.  While Smith Savakana reflect on the how adventist message arrive for the Katurasele and Tuno'e villages & the surrounding areas.  The Kukudu meeting attrach a lot of people form Western Solomons as well as from Choiseul.

A hight form Choiseul is the attandance of three young people from Posarae village in South Choiseul who paddled for three days to attend the Kukudu meeting. The three youth provide a lot of interests at the Kukudu meeting.  This experience of the three youths from Posarae is an evidence of power of the gospel of Jesus on the lives of the Lauru people.  It also shows the eagerness of the Lauru people for the message of Jesus Christ.

Saturday, 08 February 2014


The three youths of Posarae left Posarae at 5:30am on Thursday, 06 February 2014 and arrived at Ray Hite on Kolombanara Island on the same day at 9:30pm. The purpose of the journey was to reflect on the experiences when the people of Lauru usually paddle great distances to attend church meetings in the early years of Adventist church.

Click  here  to see the photos of the Youths ...

The journey took longer than expected because the boys met strong wind and rough sea. They are planning to paddle back next week Kukudu-Gizo-vella- Posarae.

This is the same group that paddled from Posarae to Honiara for two weeks to attend the youth convention. Also the group walked across the bush to Oliveti another area of interest for the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the interior  of Choiseul.

The boys and others are planning to paddle again from Posarae to Viru on June this year to attend the Jubillee at Viru.

Names of the Paddlers  to Paddled from Posarae to Honiara and to Kukudu are:

Mr Vatora Lekelalu

Mr Jugha Martin

Mr Nipla Martin.

All of the three boys are single.

Saturday, 03 May 2014


Lauru Supporting Ministry activated the Bible Project - Top End Lauru on Monday, 21 April 2014.  This request was from the Seventh-day Adventist layperson, Lindsay Galo Sisiolo of Burukuni village, Choiseul Province in Solomon Islands.  The Project plans to get 1,000 new Bible for Lindsay to distribute in his area of mission work.

This project is part of our support of the Seventh-day Adventist mission work in North-East Choisuel.  As a result Lindsay will inform the appropriate Seventh-day Adventist authorities about the project soon.

In the meantime we are now working on a project plan for the new 1000 Bibles.  We have contacted some seniour Seventh-day Adventist pastors in Australia regarding the modern translation that may be appropriate for the local people in Choiseul.  The recommendation we got was for the New King James Version (NKJV). We hope the NKJV will be easy ready for our local people in Lauru (Choisuel Island).

This project is a very important project for us because the date 29 May 2014 is the anniversary of the 100 Years of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Solomon Islands. Consequently, this project is our commemoration project to celebrate the 100 Years anniversary of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Solomon Islands. A project to acknowledge God's grace in the last 100 years in our nation. It is also an opportunity to share that grace with our fellow Lauru people.

Those who are impressed to help can contact Lauru Supporting Ministry for more information.

Friday, 23 April 2014


Layperson Lindsay Galo who is now based at Burukuni village at North-east Choiseul. Lindsay Galo Sisiolo is now learning how to send news and photos via internet. We will provide regular news as soon as Layperson Galo is competent in sending latest news via internet.

In addition, Burukuni village in North-east Choisuel is accessible to mobile.  This makes it easy for us to get regular church news update from Choiseul.  At the moment Layperson Lindsay Galo Sisiolo is our main source of adventist mission news in Lauru Island.

The 100 years anniversary of the first arrival of Seventh-day Adventist church in Lauru Island will be in 2022.  Lauru people have been blessed abundantly with God's grace since the arrival of Adventist message in the Island.  For this reason, as the 100 year Jubilee of Adventist message in Lauru Island is approaching it is time now for us Lauru people to start discussions about 100 Year Celebration of God's grace, glory and power in Lauru Island.  Let us now share our views with each other, our family, our relatives, and our church Leaders how to celebrate 100 year Jubilee of Adventist message in Lauru Island.


100 Years Jubilee in Lauru Island - 2022